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Softwebdesign Studio responds to the specific needs of your company's projects and follows them throughout all theirs - analysis, planning, development, maintenance, improvement. All websites developed by Softwebdesign Studio use PHP, JSP or ASP.NET programming. There were performed hundreds of web development projects of different sizes, using PHP, JSP, PERL, C#, VB, ASP.NET.



    You own a store or you run an online business? We develop for you a customized solution for your products. Choose our E-commerce Solution Pack.

    - Audit of your website creation.
    - Settings of your hosting account.
    - Creation of your email accounts.
    - Design and implementation of your project structure.
    - Creation of a graphic (design) or simply use the existing graphic.
    - Creation of a simple or an advanced custom design.
    - Creation of an advanced navigation interface.
    - Creation of databases.
    - Creation of templates for your dynamic pages.
    - Creation of a back-office.
    - Implementation of web pages.
    - Catalog filling no more 500 than prducts.
    - Creation of virtual shopping cart.
    - Setting up an online payment system (Paypal, etc ...).
    - Testing with the banking institution.
    - Creation of a custom contact form.
    - Creation of necessary dynamic modules.
    - Launch of the website.

You can find us in Ploiesti, Romania

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